Northwave EC Full Price


Northwave EC Full Price


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Last Updated: 24th January 2020

No. of RoomsUnit TypesNo. of UnitsStrata Area (Sqm / Sqft)Price ($)
2 BedroomB1, B1-P1663 / 678Sold Out
B2, B2-P3170 / 753Sold Out
3 BedroomC1, C1a1683 / 893Sold Out
C2, C2(M)4492 / 990Sold Out
C2a1592 / 990Sold Out
C2-P, C2(M)-P492 / 990Sold Out
C3, C3-P2691 / 979Sold Out
C4, C4-P1693 / 1,001Sold Out
C5, C5-P30102 / 1,097Sold Out
C5a, C5a(M)30103 / 1,108Sold Out
C5a-P, C5a(M)-P2103 / 1,108Sold Out
C6, C6(M)56104 / 1,119Sold Out
C6-P, C6(M)-P4104 / 1,119Sold Out
C6a, C6a-P16105 / 1,130Sold Out
4 BedroomD1, D1-P31118 / 1,270Sold Out
5 BedroomE1, E1-P15136 / 1,463Sold Out
PenthousePH1, PH2, PH2(M), PH3, PH46148 / 1,593 - 160 / 1,722Sold Out



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